Adopting a patient reported outcomes and experience based approach to healthcare - A workshop

Designed principally for an audience including healthcare providers, commissioners and patient groups we work with you to identify where and how you would most benefit from implementing a patient reported outcomes and experience based approach to healthcare. Conducted over a minimum of half a day the format is a combination of presentations and facilitated discussion about the specific issues which may help your organization.

Issues covered include:

  • Understanding the fundamentals – what’s an outcome, what’s not a outcome
  • Strengths and weaknesses of PROMs and PREMs
  • How PREMs and PROMs fit in
  • Defining an outcome framework for patient segments
  • Developing a PROM and PREM measurement strategy
  • Approaches to analysis and reporting

If you would like to know more about the workshop do get in touch:

  •  potential dates you are looking for
  •  time available
  • organisation type (eg. provider, commissioning, pharma, patient group)
  • audience size
  • audience make-up- clinical/non-clinical, patients and service users
  • previous experience of outcomes and patient experience
  • how best to contact you

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