"Providing you with deeper insights into WHY and HOW people feel and behave"

Qualitative research

While Big Data is receiving a lot of attention and investment at the moment, it’s also essential to bring qualitative knowledge and understanding to complement quantitative data. Indeed some of the deepest insights come from listening to what the patient says and observing what patients actually do.  

At DHP Research we offer a range of qualitative techniques to explore in-depth the experiences, behaviours and attitudes of patients. These include:

  • Experience maps
  • Focus groups
  • Mapping
  • Brainstorming
  • Workshops
  • Ethnographic
  • In-depth interviews
  • Discovery interviews
  • Cognitive interviewing (Cognitive debriefing)
  • Carousel Groups
  • Observation
  • Story Boards

To explore the methodologies further visit the Qualitative techniques page.


Qualitative research

"From first contact with Keith I knew the delivery of my request would be fulfilled due to the confidence and knowledge conveyed. I had a very strict deadline which was met on all levels by DHP. From the transcription of the focus groups to the analysis that followed, the report was excellent, met all expectation and delivered exactly what was required. I would definitely recommend DHP Research."

Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust Head of Facilities (Forensic)