"QuesTReviewTM developed to evaluate the usability of your mobile, tablet, desktop or paper survey questionnaire "

QuesTReviewTM Our diagnostic tool developed to identify issues with the quality of your survey questionnaire design before it gets into the field.

How does it work?

  1. We test the quality of your survey questionnaire
  2. We identify errors in your questionnaire
  3. We provide actionable feedback on how to improve your questionnaire
  4. We edit your questionnaire to ensure you are collecting reliable information

Example of the feedback we provide or we can edit your questionnaire for you.

  • Complexity of introduction and instructions
  • Questions requiring rewording (e.g. use of vague terms and concepts, complex wording,biased wording, reading ease etc.)
  • Where to add questions when required
  • Question sequencing
  • Where to add or fix branching and skip patterns
  • Appropriateness of the question type (open-ended, close-ended, rating, ranking, etc)
  • Appropriateness of answer choices
  • The use of answer choices such as None of the Above, Neutral, and Don't Know are used where necessary
  • Overall layout

For more information on QuesTReviewTM click here to download your pdf

A guide on how QuesTReview evaluates survey questionnaire design

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