QuesTReviewTM is our proprietary expert review diagnostic test developed to give your survey questionnaire a healthcheck before going into the field

The quality and effectiveness of your survey can greatly impact your results and data reliability. QuesTReviewTM our proprietary expert review diagnostic test provides both qualitative and quantitative feedback together with recommendations on how to improve the design of your questionnaire that gives you confidence in your survey results.

Regardless of the survey tool e.g. mobile, PC or paper,QuesTReviewTM provides a detailed assessment of the design of your questionnaire before going into the field including:

  • Question clarity
  • Correct question type and response options
  • Knowledge/memory demands/sensitivity
  • Layout including question order
  • Estimated burden on respondent to complete the survey
  • Completion time

Benefits of QuesTReviewTM to developers and users of COA measures including PROs and ClinROs include:

  •  Shortens PRO and ClinRO development time by reducing the need for multiple rounds of cognitive interviewing
  • Identifies a COA measure‘s question format and design weaknesses not necessarily reflected in the psychometric properties of the measure
  • Ensures your COA is optimised for administration mode by providing feedback specific to paper, online and mobile application
  • Ensures the COA measure‘s face validity is optimised in the original language prior to translatability assessment for target cultures therefore, reducing time and costs



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    "DHP Research wins Best Healthcare Research Support Organisation - England & Most Innovative Research Survey Quality Assessment Tool: QuesTReviewTM"