Evaluating existing PROs

Simply stated, ItemInsight™ can help you be assured that the patient reported outcome (PRO) measure chosen for your study has been fully reviewed and evaluated in terms of its suitability for the specific patient group and proposed secondary endpoint(s).

ItemInsight™ is not just another cognitive interview, but takes PRO evaluation to another level using a multistage approach that considers the cognitive demands for a given patient group in completing the instrument specific to the study’s secondary endpoints.  

How ItemInsight™ works

 At the outset the study’s secondary endpoint(s) is clearly defined and where each PRO item is reviewed and evaluated against within a recognised cognitive review framework to identify the cognitive demands and potential biases and problems respondents’ completing the questionnaire will experience.  The process includes both an expert cognitive review of the instrument and cognitive task analysis of respondents’ item comprehension, information recall, mapping of responses onto the available response options, editing and responding for social desirability and finally, review of the instrument’s formatting based upon a set of cognitive design principles. 

What are the benefits of ItemInsight compared to a cognitive interview?

Cognitive interviews are costly and time consuming focusing mainly on issues of item comprehension and more often than not unrelated to proposed secondary endpoints. Using ItemInsight existing PRO measures are expertly reviewed and evaluated in direct relation to the study’s proposed secondary endpoint(s) and graded as to their suitability for further evaluation, saving time and costs at the cognitive interview stage.

Only PRO items evaluated on a grade of suitability go forward for further evaluation by cognitive interview.

ItemInsight can be applied across a range of PROs and disease groups.