"We support organisations adopt patient reported outcomes based approaches to healthcare"

Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROs)

At DHP Research we provide a range of services and support in the measurement of patient reported outcomes including:
  • Assessing the impact of chronic illness (e.g. quality of life, well-being, satisfaction)
  • Developing new patient reported outcome (PRO) measures when required and evaluating exisiting PROs
  • Consulting on the development of new treatments / interventions Evaluating new treatments / technologies in terms of patient reported outcomes
  • Evaluating healthcare initiatives from the patient’s perspective
  • Training in patient reported outcomess and research methodologies

      How to select an appropriate PRO measure for your clinical study - click here to download

      At DHP Research we have the privilege of having worked with and continue to work with clients who range across the public and private healthcare sectors.

      Our clients engage us in a number of ways from helping them gain real insight into understanding patient experience and patient reported outcomes through to training in research methods.

      Client list


      "Using DHP Research & Consultancy to identify in-patient views and opinions on relevant patient reported outcomes was really valuable for us; it enabled us to undertake important evaluations of service, learn lessons and re map future service provision in a timely way whilst maintaining clinical focus. A very real cost efficiency."

      Research Manager