Our values and quality assurance

The following Code of Practice sets out the principles that determine how DHP Research conducts its business.

  • Value our clients, employees
  • Ensure that our employees and subcontractors act honestly and are appropriately qualified.
  • Act in accordance with agreement with our clients.
  • Conduct our business with integrity and in accordance with data protection regulations.
  • Maintain total confidentiality regarding information obtained from our research findings and details of our clients’ business operations.

At DHP Research we take the research responsibilities associated with our industry very seriously. Our research operations are governed by the Research, Management & Governance (RM&G) requirements and the Market Research Society Code of Conduct.

Ethical principles

In conducting health research, DHP Research, its associates and sub-contractors will comply with the Caldicot Principles, The Data Protection Act, the Market Research Society’s Code of Conduct and associated guidelines and RM&G requirements.

  1. In conjunction with the client, DHP Research will consider the possible impact on the potential participants, and seek advice from and, where appropriate, approval from the relevant Ethical Committee.
  2. Access to any personal data used for the study will be strictly limited to those authorised and required to have access in order to conduct the study.
  3. DHP Research will use appropriate processes and procedures to keep the information safe from unauthorised use or access, loss, destruction, theft or disclosure.
  4. DHP Research will comply with all relevant legislation, regulation and relevant codes of practice in conducting the study and use of information.