"Our focus is on outcome based healthcare"

Storytelling with data

We bring over 30 years of healthcare sector research experience including, survey and questionnaire design, data visualisation and qualitative data collection and analysis.

June 2017 DHP Research wins Best Healthcare Research Support Organisation - England & Most Innovative Research Survey Quality Assessment Tool: QuesTReviewTM

Questionnaire evaluation - QuesTReviewTM

This is our expert review diagnostic tool which has been developed to evaluate the ability of your mobile, tablet, desktop or paper survey questionnaire to provide valid and actionable information prior to the survey. With QuesTReviewTM you can be confident your next survey will allow you to deliver data-driven insights to your clients. Click on the image below to find out more.


Questionnaire design - QuestDevelopTM

Questionnaire design is both a science and an art. We work closely with you providing end-to-end support - from identifying your survey objectives through to designing and evaluating the questionnaire - to ensure you get the optimal information from the survey to give value to your clients.

Qualitative research

While Big Data is the current buzz word for finding trends and patterns from massive amounts of data, it’s essential to bring qualitative knowledge and understanding to complement quantitative data. Indeed, some of the deepest insights come from just listening and observing what people say and do. Our experise includes:

  • In-depth interviews and focus groups
  • Qualitative data analysis
  • Immersion workshops
  • Co-design
  • Carousel Groups
  • Observation

Visit our Qualitative techniques page

Storytelling with your research data

Story telling is at the heart of our consulting and training services in supporting you to develop stories from your research data that connects emotionally and intellectually, motivates and inspires your audience. Visit our storytelling page

Storytelling with data visualisation

At DHP Research we understand that visual data-driven story telling is a highly effectual way to communicate key messages that can be easily understood by your audience. Our consultancy and training will ensure you are using the right visuals to gain your audience’s engagement and to walk them through the story.

Professional development

We provide high quality tailored and off-the-shelf workshops for clients working in the healthcare space which can be delivered on-site at your offices at a time convenient to you, or at our Oxfordshire offices.  Our workshops cover the following areas:

  • Questionnaire design for paper, mobile, tablet and desktop
  • How to conduct in-depth interviews and focus groups
  • Understanding the research process
  • Presenting your research findings as a story
  • Storyrelling with data visualisation

The Diabetes Health Profile

The Diabetes Health Profile (DHP) assesses the impact of diabetes on everyday social and emotional functioning. The DHP was designed to measure the impact of diabetes in a variety of settings, from clinical practice, population surveys to clinical trials, it is simple to complete and score. The DHP was adopted into the next generation PROMs program for the NHS. To find out more and download the presentation click on the image below.The Diabetes Health Profile

The DHP Research partnership

We form a true partnership with our clients from initial discussions about a potential project through to the final delivery of the findings and their integration into action plans.

At DHP Research we have the privilege of having worked with and continue to work with clients who range across the public and private healthcare sectors.

Our clients engage us in a number of ways from helping them gain real insight into understanding patient experience and patient reported outcomes through to professional devevelopment.

Some of who we have been providing our services to

Organisations we have provided our services to

We are a

MRS Company Partner

Healthwatch Devon recommends DHP as a training partner and we look forward to more work together in the future.”

Healthwatch Devon Partnership Officer